We will meet the needs of our customers as a comprehensive logistics company.


As a comprehensive logistics company of the Mitsubishi Steel Group, We are in charge of land transportation, international logistics, etc., centering on domestic shipping. Based on the experience and know-how cultivated over many years since our establishment in 1962, Our customers’ important products are safe and stable. Our mission is to carry out the transportation.

We are aware that logistics “Plays a part in the supply chain” and respond to all customer needs. All employees are working brightly and energetically on their daily work.

As a logistics professional group, We will continue to make efforts to contribute to society as well as our customers.

We look forward to your continued support and encouragement in the future.

President and CEO

Takeshi Kuwahara


Inward Shipping / Port Cargo Handling

Sea shipping service by ship
Mainly made of special steel from Mitsubishi Steel
We handle a wide variety of products.

Inward Shipping / Port Cargo Handling

Warehause / Land Transportation

Warehouse / Land Transportation

Luggage storage service at Ichikawa Center Warehouse
By truck, we provide consistent transportation services to your destination.

International Logistics

Marine transportation service by ship We provide the optimum service to safely and carefully transport your valuable luggage to various parts of the world by making full use of all means of transportation such as sea, air, rail, and land transportation.

International Logistics


Headquarters / Ichikawa Center1-9-3 Shiohama, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture 272-0127
(Sales Department) TEL: 047-307-1115 / FAX: 047-307-2020
(Ichikawa Center) TEL: 047-395-8811 / FAX: 047-307-2020
(General Affairs Department) TEL: 047-307-1116 / FAX: 047-307-2020
EstablishedApril 1958
Capital99 million yen
RepresentativePresident and CEO Takeshi Kuwahara
Sales officeMuroran Sales Office, Tomakomai Sales Office, Osaka Sales Office, Kyushu Sales Office
Major shareholdersMitsubishi Steel Mfg. Co., Ltd.
web site:https://www.mitsubishisteel.co.jp
Items handledVarious steel materials, lime, paper, plants, structures such as bridges, etc.
Main businessSea shipping and domestic shipping business, warehousing business, freight transportation business


“Comprehensive logistics company” The place to work is here!