Inward Shipping / Port Cargo Handling

Coastal shipping department

We mainly transport steel products manufactured by Mitsubishi Steel Muroran Special Steel and mixed steel products flights from Ichikawa and Osaka to Hokkaido, and provide transportation services for various steel materials, large plants, paper, limestone, and other products.

Main route

Ichikawa ⇒ Tomakomai
Yamaguchi / Osaka ⇒ Tomakomai
Muroran ⇒ Onahama / Ichikawa Nagoya / Osaka Fukuyama / Niihama

Introducing controlled disembarkation

Ship nameRyounmaru
G/T499 t
Hold dimension40.00 x 9.50 x 6.20 m
D/W1,700 t
horsepower1,800 PS
Completion dateH29.06
Ship nameYutokumaru
G/T499 t
Hold dimension40.00 x 9.50 x 6.31 m
D/W1,700 t
horsepower1,800 PS
Completion dateH25.05
Ship nameShinkomaru No.8
G/T499 t
Hold dimension40.00 x 9.50 x 6.43 m
D/W1,700 t
horsepower2,000 PS
Completion dateH25.03
Ship nameRyoenmaru No.3
G/T499 t
Hold dimension40.00 x 9.50 x 6.57 m
D/W1,700 t
horsepower1,000 PS
Completion dateR04.05

Port cargo handling department

A large heavy machine is used to load and drain a wide variety of steel materials, mainly special steel from Mitsubishi Steel.

Equipment introduction

35T jib crane
120T crawler crane
16T forklift
4T forklift